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Our team is trained to meet the unique needs of older adults. Because of our unique model, we offer services that are not always available at traditional rehab centers.


Benefits &

  • Parkinson’s care
  • Roll for Control™ incontinence program
  • Lymphedema care
  • VitalStim® treatment for dysphagia
  • Functional communication inventory

Our doctors of physical therapy (PT) specialize in:
• Mobility and movement
• Strengthening
• Balance
• Pain management

Our doctors of PT can also assist with assigning disability parking permits and Metro Mobility applications.

Doctors of
physical therapy

Our speech-language pathologists specialize in:
• VitalStim® treatments for swallowing
• Hearing aid maintenance and repairs
• Voice treatment
• Voice banking
• Augmentative communication
• Communication partner training
• Hearing aid repair


Our occupational therapists (OTs) specialize in:
• Activities of daily living
• Grooming and hygiene
• Energy conservation
• Cognition

Specialty OT offerings:
• Driving safety
• Home safety
• Medication adherence
• Independence
• Cognitive assessments
• Aging in place
• Wheelchair fittings
• Community mobility


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